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is a leading distributor, manufacturer, and online retailer of health supplements and functional supplements base on Medical Science and High Technology like Epigenetics, Stem Cell, and Nanotechnology have been proven by thousands of customers used all over the world without any side effect at all.

Nanobiotechnology provides you quality health products at competitive prices.  We strive to bring you innovative products that will make a difference in your health. 


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Nanobiotechnology is a combination of Nanotechnology + Biology  :  Small is Powerful & Safe

Nanotechnology is an emerging field that could potentially make a major impact to human health. Nanomaterials promise to revolutionize medicine and are increasingly used in drug delivery or tissue engineering applications.

Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work..

Stem Cell provides new cells for the body as it grows and replaces cells that are damaged or lost.

Top 15 Erectile dysfunction/ Impotence causes :

Erectile Dysfunctiol causes

1.  Erectile Dysfunction caused by Age.

2.  Erectile Dysfunction caused by 

     Low testosterone hormone (Sex hormone).

3.  Erectile Dysfunction caused by enlarging


4.  Erectile Dysfunction caused by Hypertension.

5.  Erectile Dysfunction caused by Diabetes.

6.  Erectile Dysfunction caused by High


7.  Erectile Dysfunction caused by Medical drugs.

8.  Erectile Dysfunction caused by Alcohol.

9.  Erectile Dysfunction caused by Obesity.

10.Erectile Dysfunction caused by Psychological.

11. Erectile Dysfunction caused by

     Hypothyroidism / Hyperthyroidism

12. Erectile Dysfunction caused by Smoking.

13. Erectile Dysfunction caused by Bad Partner 


14. Erectile Dysfunction caused by Degenerative

      Diseases (Parkinson's, Dementia, Alzheimer's

      and Neurological diseases)

15. Erectile Dysfunction caused by Post medical

     Operation and Injury.

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Testosterone effect


It used to be that only older men had to deal with aging issues like decreasing testosterone levels. However, times are changing, and unfortunately, not for the better.

There's been a disturbing trend that has been emerging, and that trend is that men of today's modern time are experiencing faster declines in their testosterone levels than compared to previous generations.

According to the latest research, a man today has roughly 20% less testosterone flowing through their body than that same man would have had even 20 years ago.

It seems as though there are a variety of modern day environmental and lifestyle factors that have caused this continued slide of testosterone levels in the wrong direction. Now even men in their 20s and 30s are starting to complain about low T levels.

When T levels are low, the overall effects on a man's body can be tremendous since testosterone is so instrumental in healthy and optimal body and mind function.

Erectile Dysfunction cause by smoking
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